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Buckeye Tavern - Macungie, PA

The Buckeye Tavern opened its doors in 1735 in Macungie, PA as an inn and hotel and operated through the late 1800s as the East Macungie Hotel. The building became a local eatery in 1768. The first owner was Martin Speigle, and it changed ownership nearly two dozen times over the centuries. Years later the hotel became known as The Load of Mischief.

In 2008, Terry and Hope Bender bought the Buckeye Tavern. They also own the Alburtis Tavern (which is currently closed).

The dreadful evening of Tuesday, May 12, 2015, the Buckeye Tavern was destroyed by a fire. The fire began at the rear of the building by several commercial freezers. It chased dozens of customers and employees outside and destroyed the 18th-century, 280-year-old historic landmark. So much of the structure built in 1735 was gone but the charred stone walls remained.

Owners Terry and Hope Bender salvaged and preserved everything they could. Contractors spent months restoring blackened stones and old wooden frames to incorporate it into the design of the new tavern. The exterior was restored to look like it still had a 2nd floor, although it no longer would. With hard work and dedication, the tavern reopened 2 years later and has been open for 4 years.

Today a visit to the Buckeye offers a glimpse into the past. You'll discover pieces of the past honoring the history of the building on display throughout the restaurant. The building may look a little different, but the friendly service and delicious food are still the same.

For menu selections, tavern hours and gift cards, click HERE to visit the Buckeye Tavern online.

Located at: 3741 Brookside Road, Macungie, PA 18062

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