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Brownie the Post Office Dog - Daytona Beach, FL

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

A small brown mixed dog, named Brownie, followed a mail carrier along his route one day. He was in bad shape so the carrier purchased some food for the dog. Brownie decided to stay and became the Post Office Dog.

Brownie lived at the Beach Street Post Office from 1955-1970 and was considered a postal employee. Brownie helped the carriers deliver mail and learned their routes fairly quickly. He even helped to train some of the new mail carriers.

Brownie was up and ready to work by 9 am to deliver mail. Along his route he made a stop at the paint store since the owner always had water out for him.

The post office employees always made sure Brownie had food and treats and a local veterinarian provided free care. Brownie also had an account at the Florida Bank and Trust funded by the Postal Service.

Unfortunately, Brownie died in 1970 and is buried beside the Post Office.

Located at: 220 N. Beach St., Daytona Beach, Florida

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