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Boyertown Bear Fever

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

When driving through Boyertown, PA, you can't help but notice Bear Fever! Over 70 beautifully painted bears displayed at local businesses and other locations.

BUBBLES & TOWNIE - The Twin Turrets Inn has two bears - Bubbles & Townie. The project began September 2003. Retired Boyertown English teacher, Jane Stahl, deserves the credit for bringing Bear Fever to Boyertown along with her husband, Paul, her former students and collogues. The Stahls were inspired by similar sculptures of donkeys & elephants in Washington, D.C. & the original Cow Parade stage in Chicago in 2000.

COUNT BEAR - The Count Bear "the Accountant Share Bear" is the Bear Fever contribution of six (6) accounting firms in Boyertown. Bob McGee is the creator of the bear. The Count Bear has a dollar bill sign on his lapel, a pocket watch and ledger in his side pocket. The County Bear sits in front of Morgan Financial Office, next to the Colebrookdale Railroad Station on East Philadelphia Avenue.

DISCO BEAR - Disco Bear is located at the home of the Taylor Backes glassblowers at 2nd & Washington Streets. This bear was created by Taylor Backes' artisans and Boyertown Area High School students. they epoxied hundreds of pieces of glass in all the right places to complete him.

DUTCH BEAR - This bear was created in 2005 by Grace Pirog. Her mission was to spread a little Dutch history. Dutch Bear is located at 101 East Philadelphia Avenue at the Tompkins VISIT Bank. This beauty is a definite must see.

FRIENDSHIP BEAR - To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the Ladies Auxiliary of Boyertown's Friendship Hook and Ladder Company unveiled the community's only female Bear Fever bear, Friendship Bear, created by Jeff Graber of Graber Letterin'.

The lady bear features the fire company's colors: maroon and gold and is holding a bingo card to represent the group's cause.

GABELSVILLE OWLS BEAR - The Gabelsville Owls Bear is located at the Gabelsville Athletic Association. The Owls are an 18+ adult baseball team in the Tri-County Baseball League. Comprised of mostly former Boyertown Bear players, the Owls have won 15 league titles since 1981.

HUGGY - Boyertown Bear Fever “Huggy Bear” is located at Jr. High West on Madison Avenue in Boyertown, PA.

Rose and Bill Gross of Bechtelsville, PA, sponsors of “Huggy” are eager to bring a greater understanding and awareness to mental health issues in order to decrease the stigma which often discourages people from seeking the medical help they need to treat the symptoms so that they can participate and enjoy life.

If you see “Huggy” when in the area, stop by and give him a big bear hug!

MILITARY BEAR - In April of 2006, the parents of Travis Zimmerman received the worst possible news that a parent could ever receive about their child. Travis, a 19 year old solider in Iraq, was killed by a roadside bomb. Scarlett Kulp, Travis' neighbor and life-long friend, wanted to do something special in his memory. She came up with the idea of creating a military bear in honor of Travis and all who have served our country. Scarlett approached the creators of the Boyertown Bear project and received their support.

Artist Kylene Bertoia-Hart was asked to paint the fiberglass bear. The project was completed and unveiled to the public on September 17, 2006. The Military Bear wears a pair of dog tags similar to those that Travis wore. Military Bear, GI Joe, is located at the front entrance of Fairview Cemetery.

PARKER THE PICNIC BEAR - Spend some time at the Boyertown Community Park with your children. Walk the trails, play at the park or enjoy a picnic. While there you'll get to see Parker the Picnic Bear.


This handsome Boyertown Bear Fever bear is named “Reds”. He is located at Chuck Smith’s Auto Service, in Bechtelsville, Pa. The owners of the business are Angela & Chuck Smith.

The bear was created as a tribute to Angela’s father. Reds was debuted in 2007 at the BASH Art Expo. The artist of the bear is Ed Luterio. He is a self taught artist and illustrator.

For more information on Ed’s work, visit him online at:

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