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Bloody Bridge - St. Mary's, OH

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Bill Jones & Jack Billings were friends who worked as mule drivers for the canal boats. Jack worked on the boat “Daisy” and Bill Jones worked on the boat “Minnie Warren” named after the captain’s daughter.

Both Bill & Jack fell in love with Minnie Warren. Minnie chose Jack and Bill became angry.

In June 1854, Jack and Minnie were returning from a party. Bill was waiting for them on the bridge. With one swing, Bill severed Jack’s head with an axe. Minnie fell into the Miami Erie Canal and died. Her lifeless body was pulled from the water later that night. Bill disappeared after that night and was never seen again.

After the murders, people began seeing a headless figure on the bridge. Also, if you look over the side of the bridge you can see Minnie in the water staring back at you.

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