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Birthplace of the Banana Split in Latrobe, PA.

In 1904, 23-year-old pharmacist at Tassel Pharmacy, David Stricker, invented the banana split. Strickler enjoyed inventing new sundaes for the students at St. Vincent college. At this time most pharmacies doubled as an ice cream parlor and soda fountain.

Mr. Strickler’s invention was 3 scoops of ice cream, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate nestled between banana slices, topped with pineapple, chocolate and strawberry sauces, whipped cream, chopped nuts and one maraschino cherry. The banana split cost 10 cents double the price of the other sundaes. His invention spread like wildfire.

In 2004 the National Association of Ice Cream Retailers acknowledged Latrobe as the birthplace of the banana split. In 2013 a plaque was placed at the former site of Strickler’s pharmacy by the Pennsylvania Museum and Historical Commission

The Banana Split is located at:

805 Ligonier Street

Latrobe, PA

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