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Annie Funk - Titanic

Annie Clemmer Funk - 4/12/1874 - 4/15/1912 (38 years)

Annie worked under the Methodist church among the African-American community in Chattanooga, TN. She then took on a position with the YWCA in Patterson, NJ. Annie dream of being a missionary since she was you. In November of 1906 Annie was sent India as a Mennonite missionary. In July of 1907 Annie opened a one-room school for girls in Janjgir.

In March of 1912, Annie received a telegram to come home at once due to her mother being very ill. She boarded the Titanic at Southampton on April 6,1912. She celebrated her 38th birthday on the Titanic. The night the Titanic sank Annie was asleep in her cabin. She was awoken by stewards telling her to get dressed and get on deck. Annie was just about to enter a lifeboat when a woman called from behind, pushing her aside and calling “My children, My children”. That was the last seat on the lifeboat. Annie died when the Titanic sank and her body was not recovered.

In Annie’s memory the school in Janjgir, India name the school “Annie C. Funk Memorial Girl’s School. In her honor.

There is a memorial for Annie at the Hereford Mennonite Church Cemetery in Bally, PA which reads:

She was coming home on her first furlough, when death overtook her in the wreck of the steamship Titanic off the coast of Newfoundland. Her life was one of service in the spirit of the master - not to be ministered unto but to minister.

A documentary has been made called “Remembering Annie Funk (and the Titanic)”.

Located at: 2600 Old Route 100, Bally, PA

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