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Amelia Amanda Schneider - Oley, PA

The Schneider family were said to live on a farm on Lake Road in Oley. They had 5 daughters. The young girls would fill a pan with water and put it on their front porch on a cold winter's night to tell their martial future. In the morning the girls would go outside to see what figures were etched into the ice.

If you received a horseshoe it meant you would marry a blacksmith. A cross meant you would marry a preacher. Amelia’s was a coffin. It was assumed she would marry a coffin maker. That would not happen. Amelia died within months.

It is said there is a tombstone on the property with the inscription: Beware Ye Who Look Upon My Early Grave For Ye, Too Shall Die.

After some research we found there was an Amelia Amanda Schneider who was born 3/17/1852 and died at the age of 15 on June 23, 1867 buried in the Frieden’s Church Cemetery in Oley, PA.

Could this be the same girl?

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