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Aldie Mansion -Doylestown, PA

Originally the Aldie Mansion was a private residence for William and Martha Mercer built in 1927. Elizabeth Mercer, sister of Mary, used her wealth to build the mansion on 29 acres on the edge of Doylestown. She called it Aldie after the Mercer ancestral home in Scotland.

The Mercer’s hosted Groucho Marx and the Von Trapp family, among other international luminaries. The Von Trapp Family singers entertained 200 guests at the Aldi Mansion on December 22, 1940.

By the 1980’s the mansion had fallen into disrepair, being a victim to looting, overgrowth and arson. It was at this time the Heritage Conservancy was deeded the mansion under the premise that they restore it to its original grandeur.

Today the Aldie Mansion is the headquarters of the Heritage Conservancy and a venue for weddings, conferences and parties.

Located at: 85 Old Dublin Pike, Doylestown, PA

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