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Abandoned Lincoln Hotel - Route 30

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Abandoned Lincoln Hotel which sits on Tull’s Hill along the Lincoln Highway (Route 30) was built in 1777. Over the years the Lincoln Hotel was a brothel, a bar and also an antique shop. Known as the “Best Little Brothel House in Pennsylvania”.

The attic area is where the lower class girls worked within a curtained area. The higher-end girls were located on the 2nd floor and each had their own tiny room. The first floor was a bar.

Supposedly the building is haunted. Many people (mainly woman) have felt uncomfortable when visiting the 2nd and 3rd floors. There is a story that a woman was murdered on the 2nd floor when her husband found out she was having an affair. He shot her, stabbed her several times and hung her body from the closet door. The cupboard is known to have strange sounds coming from it.

Within a two week period we drove past this building and there were many changes. I’m hoping they are not tearing the building down but restoring this historical building.

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