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A. G Kriebel Butcher - Hereford, PA

Updated: Feb 21

Andrew Kriebel started A.G. Kriebel Meats, a butcher shop, in Hereford PA during the spring of 1898. The butcher shop was well-equipped: modern and convenient, and was situated near his residence.

Mr. Kriebel was not only a first class butcher but also an excellent mechanic, a fact which was evident in the machinery which he used in his work: all were well chosen and kept in excellent condition. He was respected in his community for his industrious life.

Andrew’s son Ray, worked on his father's farm and later was the owner and operator of A.G. Kriebel Meats. In 1988, Ray retired and closed the butcher shop.

Today the butcher shop is located on the property of the Hereford Homes Sales Center, located at: 8117 Chestnut St, Hereford, PA 18056 on Route 100.

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