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2022 Kutztown Folk Festival - Kutztown, PA

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Eric Claypoole & Andrew Shirk - Hex Sign Stand

If you drive around the Berks County countryside you will most likely come across one of Eric Claypoole’s barn stars. Eric’s father, Johnny Claypoole, began painting hex signs in 1962. He was taught by the self-proclaimed “Dr. of Hexology”, Johnny Ott. Johnny and Eric began exhibiting their barn stars at the Kutztown Folk Festival in 1962.

Andrew Shirk is now painting hex signs and barn stars with Eric. When you visit their stand at the Kutztown Folk Festival you will notice subtle differences in their painting styles.

Stop by the E. Claypoole HEX SIGNS stand at the Kutztown Folk Festival and pick-up one of their beautiful works of art.

For more information about Eric Claypoole, click HERE

Redware by Jeff Dietrich

Jeff Dietrich was a Berks County art teacher, at Oley School District, known for his well-made ceramics in traditional PA craft style, as well as being influenced by other ceramic eras.

Dietrich began working with clay and became interested in traditional Pennsylvania Dutch pottery when he was a student at Kutztown High School. While pursuing his art degree at Kutztown University, he experimented with contemporary forms of pottery. His interest in traditional redware led to a passion for Pennsylvania folk art.

To follow Jim on FB at Log House Pottery, click HERE

Pigcasso - Paintings by Pigs

If you’re looking for a piece of art that is one-of-kind and an absolute conversational piece, check out Pigcassos at the Kutztown Folk Festival.

The artistic strokes are created by the pigs and is called ‘Pigcasso’ art.

Hoedown at the Kutztown Folk Festival

Country Brooms by James P. Warren

Country Brooms is a small business started by James Warren, from Gilbertsville, PA. He sells handmade brooms - cake testers, whisk brooms, black corn brooms, camper brooms and dust pans.

To follow James’s on FB, click HERE

Two Brothers - Saint Rocco's Treats

Two brothers, Kaleb & Colby Rush, from Bucks County, PA have one mission. To freshly bake human-grade, meat-based, dog treats. They deliver directly to your home and will donate $1 to a local dog rescue for every 1lb of treats sold. They bake their treats weekly so they are freshly made with only 5 ingredients and chemical preservatives are never included.

To check out this amazing company, click HERE to visit their website.

Barto Birch Distillery

Since the 1960’s, the Festival’s Barto Birch Distillery allows visitors to go back in time and witness a colonial 50-gallon Appalachian copper still in operation.

Popular drinks at the festival are the birch beer and sarsaparilla. Festival goers can sample these drinks both by the cup or in the Festival logoed 12oz take-home bottles.

Haymet Macht - Homemade ice cream

Making ice cream using a rocking chair. The cart was built in 1890. The IH engine is from 1947 and is the last engine built.

Art, By Rachel Yoder

Rachel Yoder is a contemporary PA Dutch folk artist specializing in interpretations of fraktur style painting and portraits of der Belsnickel. She has wrote and illustrated two children's book, “Penny Olive” and “Davey Applebutter.

ANA Soaps

This is a definite MUST shop when you visit the festival if you love your natural soaps that are free of dyes, detergents and preservatives. Founded in PA in 2000 and made in Wisconsin since 2020.

Click HERE to visit their website.

Quilters at the Quilt Barn

Stop by the Quilter Barn to view the beautiful quilts made by many talented individuals.

Other things to see at the festival!!

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